Private Office

Omnia Capital Partners team is highly experienced, each is a market leader in their areas of specialisation. Omnia Capital Partners will harness decades of industry experience for your benefit.

Omnia Capital Partners is dedicated to ensuring your capital is protected and provided with every opportunity to grow. Each relationship is unique. We work tirelessly to understand client priorities so that we might translate your values and goals into considered portfolios.

Our investment beliefs

Our investment beliefs shape our investment approach.

  • Client capital is sacrosanct
  • Our clients are the focal point of our investment process
  • Aligning to values improves engagement, better engagement improves outcomes
  • A long-term perspective has benefits
  • Asset allocation and portfolio construction dominate returns. This should be maximised
  • Timeframes are important and should be personalised
  • Risk is multi-dimensional, dynamic and should be monitored and managed
  • Markets are dynamic; timing them is difficult
  • Active skill is rare but valuable
  • Effective implementation adds value

Our investment approach

Our investment approach is our key differentiator. We construct personalised portfolios, aligned to individual values, that seek the best return for a desired level of risk. This delivers superior outcomes.

Omnia Capital Partners strives to provide the best service and advice in the Australian market.

Our focal point is our client. We are dedicated to ensuring their capital is protected and provided with every opportunity to grow. Each relationship is unique.

We work tirelessly to understand client priorities so that we might translate values and goals into considered portfolios.
In our experience, a tailored asset allocation and coherent portfolio construction process that combines expert investment managers, selected without incentive or conflict, delivers the best outcome.

Our priorities



We construct portfolios that align to client values and seek the best return for a desired level of risk. We align portfolios to carefully selected timeframes, favouring the long-term where possible. We invest our own capital alongside our clients.

Risk Management

Risk Management

We view risk as multi-dimensional and plan to protect against the unexpected by working to understand factors that could affect portfolios. True diversification is difficult but highly beneficial.



We invest considerable time in search and diligence to create portfolios that demonstrate significant resilience. This maximises the potential for compounding.



We seek to minimise friction through efficiency. This permeates our search and diligence activities, through to our investment exposure selection, cost management, and implementation processes.



We build long-term relationships with our clients, and with exceptional, focussed, and expert investment managers who show a measurable ability to differentiate opportunity from noise.



We prefer those that invest in quality. This means those that search for businesses achieving high returns on their organic operations, with robust balance sheets and exceptional management teams. We demand a keen focus on the price paid.


Family office support/services

A Family Office is more than just a grouping that provides holistic and integrated services. Utilising a Family Office is about creating a legacy, empowering and developing the next generation, and establishing a safe environment to learn and make decisions aligned to your values. It is about creating an environment that encourages transparency, accountability and trust.

Our multi-disciplinary approach includes:

  1. Managing your financial affairs
  2. Administrative solutions
  3. Structuring
  4. Asset protection
  5. Tax compliance
  6. Risk management
  7. Cash management
  8. Capital management

While the provision and accurate delivery of critical services is important, success to many of our clients is not solely monetary. It is often more about creating and maintaining happiness and cohesiveness, while providing fulfillment short of entitlement. This is not, in our opinion, something that can be built overnight, nor can it be provided in a scalable, economically efficient way by faceless corporations. It requires time and energy to be invested by all stakeholders along the journey. Omnia Capital Partners is uniquely positioned to invest this time in your family.

Family succession

Families are dynamic, complex, and unique. They are also fragile. Succession planning is critical to ensure your family’s financial future is protected. Many of life’s most impactful events cannot be predicted, they just happen. We have found through experience that time spent on succession planning can provide peace of mind through all of life’s ups and downs.

Omnia Capital Partners is an expert in estate and succession planning. Our Partners will methodically work through this often delicate process to draft an effective will and develop an appropriate estate plan. Our Partners are also expert in the education and preparation of the next generation to ensure your wishes and intentions are appreciated and understood by all family members.

Asset protection/structuring

Few decisions will impact upon your wealth more than how you structure your affairs. Exposing you to avoidable loss is unacceptable. Our Partners will ensure that your success to this point is protected and allowed to grow for generations to come.

Prudent ongoing management is essential to ensure that any asset protection strategy keeps pace with your family. We are expert at ensuring the protection of your wealth as it moves across generations.

Family office governance

Governance at its finest is an enabler. It should empower.

For many years we have developed and built governance structures for families and not-for-profit institutions, large and small, complex or otherwise. We have been tested by changing family dynamics, board disruptions and market volatility, and stood the test of time.

We can create voluminous documentation with endless rules and guidelines, but this may prove unwieldy and stifle the engagement and outcome you wish to encourage. Omnia Capital Partners will work with you and your family or Board to ensure an effective, bespoke, and empowering governance framework is created and maintained. There are no rights or wrongs, but we offer you the opportunity and support to separate yourself from the moment and from uncertainty, in order to allow effective decision making. The perfect decision may be elusive but effective governance can improve your chances.

Family office operations

You should not be made to settle for a standardised solution, nor should you be a number. To ensure your interests are understood and implemented Omnia Capital Partners will invest the time and energy to develop a deep understanding of your family and to create a lasting relationship. You should expect a high level of service that is accurate, tailored, and proactive.

At Omnia Capital Partners we build bespoke frameworks that deliver world-class administration, reporting, advice, education, and tax compliance services in an efficient and seamless manner.

Reporting – Tax-aware solutions

As a multi-disciplinary partnership, Omnia Capital Partners delivers advice through the lens of several complimentary specialties. For example, all investment work is considered through a taxation lens. Personalised, tax aware investment advice will not only ensure potential outcomes are maximised, but it will also ensure that tax risk is minimised.

Philanthropic expertise
Administrative ease

Through experience we know the importance of creating administrative simplicity. Any increased burden created by managing an asset base can be disruptive.

Omnia Capital Partners provides a range of services that help not-for-profits maximise their internal resources by subsuming many of the day-to-day tasks of managing the asset base. Our approach allows you to maintain complete oversight and control without having to dedicate significant time or resources.

Alignment to mission

The asset base should closely reflect your values and principles. This can include ethical, responsible and/or environmentally beneficial investments for example. This personalisation can minimise reputational risk while enhancing long-term outcomes.